Contractor fined for Unity School work

Labor violation fines total more than $100,000
By Damien Fisher | Sep 04, 2014

UNITY — The subcontracting company that employed a pair of illegal alien brothers during the Unity Elementary School construction now faces more than $100,000 in fines following a New Hampshire Department of Labor investigation.

The investigation found numerous labor law violations allegedly committed by House of Windsor, based in Georges Mills, New Hampshire. Owner Doug Windsor was contacted for this story, but did not respond.

In an Aug. 15 letter obtained by the Eagle Times through a Right to Know request, the Department of Labor alleges several labor law violations against the company. These alleged violations include: requiring employees to work on Sunday without a compensating day off within the next six days; illegally withholding pay to secure against loss; employing people without appropriate immigration documentations, and misrepresenting the employee/employer relationship.

The total fine proposed is $135,750 for those violations and there are several civil violations alleged, which the company was warned to correct within 30 days.

According to the investigation, the company inappropriately listed 27 individuals as subcontractors when they should have been listed as employees. Two of these people were illegal aliens, according to the letter.

Erick Tinajero, 24, a Mexican National living Manchester, New Hampshire and his brother, Rolando Tinajero, 29, also a Mexican National living in Manchester, were arrested on the afternoon of Thursday, July 3 in Washington, New Hampshire, when Washington Police Chief Steve Marshall stopped their car for a reported inspection sticker violation. The two reportedly had immigration warrants out for their arrests at the time of the traffic stop.

House of Windsor is a subcontractor of the main contractor on the Unity school project, Trumbull-Nelson Contstruction Co. Trumbull-Nelson was also investigated and warned about allegedly not keeping records for minimum wage regulations.

SAU 6 Superintendent Dr. Middleton K. McGoodwin has previously stated that any labor law issues are the responsibility of the contracting firms. Any fines would be a liability for those contractors.

Trumbull-Nelson is the contracting firm leading the work on the Stevens High School $12.5 million renovation project. House of Windsor is a subcontractor on that project, doing about $1 million worth of work at Stevens High School.

Deb Lewis, the office manager at House of Windsor, also serves on the Stevens High School Renovation Committee, which is overseeing the work.

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